Chance Accomodations

The main entrance to Zion National Park is a 5 minute walk away.

It’s been about a month since the Zion Half Marathon and the start of this 8 race and National Park journey my family and I are taking this year. I’ll have an update later on how the race was and a look forward to races ahead, but I have to talk about the place we stayed at in Zion, a little hotel called Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens.



They were one of the official lodgings of choice for Vacation Races and we were pretty lucky to even get a room with them. I naively didn’t think to book the hotel until a few months before the race and every hotel I called was already all booked up solid. Scrambling to find a place to stay, I started calling every hotel in the area. The 4th or 5th places I called was Cliffrose and the receptionist swore that they too were all booked up. By some miracle, there had been a cancelation that morning and we were able to snag a room for the 5 nights that we were going to be in Zion.

I swear she's not actually eating grass and dirt. I think.

Good for kids small and large (we may have gone down the slide ourselves once or twice)

Surprisingly she didn't get tired of Dad snapping tons of photos.

We drove through the night from Los Angeles in order to cover as much milage as possible while the kiddo was asleep and when we arrived in the late morning, we were blown away at the location and the beauty of the lodge. Our sleep addled brains barely comprehended that it was located right next to a river, had campfire rings setup throughout the grounds and even had playgrounds for kids to run around and climb on.

Can't get a much better view than this.

That was the biggest thing we took away from Cliffrose, that it was so family and kid friendly. We live in a condo and don’t have a yard for our little one to run around. It was big deal for her to be able to romp and play in open grass fields and over playground sets. She may have had more fun at the hotel than we did in the park.

You can't really beat a fire right next to a river.

Multiple jacuzzi's and heated pools were perfect for warm days and cold nights.

Each morning, the hotel offered up a full, hot breakfast, with to-go boxes for leftovers as well (a huge deal if you’ve got a toddler who can be a picky time-of-day eater). You stay in enough places and you realize what a luxury a full breakfast is, not just some fruit and cereal collection you get at most places.

Hot eggs and bacon in the morning is a very appreciated perk.

The room was big enough for the 3 of us and the staff was great at accommodating any request we had. It’s not something you can control, but the other guests at the hotel were some of the friendliest people who’ve met on our travels as well. It barely felt like a hotel, it was like going to a summer family home. 

You can get firewood from the staff and have your own s'more party day or night, right on the river.

Nighttime view from about 50 ft outside our hotel room door. 

We lucked out being able to stay at Cliffrose during our trip and it’s somewhere I would recommend without hesitation to anyone who’s visiting Zion. It’s literally walking distance to the entrance of the park and one of the most picturesque places we’ve every stayed at.  

Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens

281 Zion – Mount Carmel Hwy, Springdale, UT 84767