Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Workout With a View

Are you the kind of person that appreciates a view while you work out?

While I'm sure lots of us would prefer to wake up every morning and spend the day in the mountains, sometimes that's just not an option.  But if you live in LA, that doesn't mean that you have to content yourself with grey streets or a musty gym.  We are lucky enough to have lots of great outdoor spaces to keep in mountain shape.  One of the best is right in the middle of the city.  Welcome to Baldwin Hills Scenc Overlook, just off of Jefferson Blvd. 

You can take either the longer, winding, 1.25 mile path, or the steep 282 steps straight to the top. Either way, once you get there, you'll be rewarded with a great view of the city. Rinse and repeat!

Bonus: Zoom in on the photo and see if you can find the Hollywood Sign.