The Decalibron Loop

The joys of travel jobs.  

Working in the photo industry I get the chance to see and explore places I might not have otherwise. However, I’m usually there for work and don’t always get the freedom to venture out.  But, when I am afforded days off I try to make the most of them and adventure off to see whats out there. 

I’ve been to Colorado a number of times. Heck I even lived here at one point.  It is the state with the most 14ers so I decided since I was going to have a free weekend I would try to tackle 4 in one day.  I managed to wrangle another member of the production team to head out on this adventure with me.  Before coming out I heard about the “Decalibron Loop” in the Mosquito Range which is a very efficient hike to bag four 14ers in a single day which the loop gets its name from (DEmocrats, CAmeron, LIncoln, and BROss). 

We started the day with the scenic drive from Denver to Kite Lake passing all the changing leaves of fall along the way. Kite Lake is a high alpine lake at approximately 12,000’ . We had a blue bird day and the air had that crisp cool fall feel to it, which I miss living in Souther California. We trekked up Mount Bross first to 14,172’. Upon summoning we were welcomed with strong gusts of wind that are common in the area and continued through most of the hike.  From there we saddle hopped to Mount Lincoln (14,295′) then Cameron (14,238’) enjoying the wide spanning views of the Mosquito Range. Following the first three summits we hiked down to the old collapsed mine shacks before heading back up to bag our forth 14er of the day. The final push up had me realizing that the air was pretty thin but the wind finally relinquished its wrath and died down. Upon summiting Mount Democrats (14,155’) we stopped to soak in the views and have our lunch before heading down. All in all it was a great day but for me any day I’m able to get outdoors and breath in the fresh mountain air is a good day in my books. 

- Written by Brian Lipps