Cascades: Mount Adams - Summer Snow Slog-fest

One step.... breathe..... one step.....breathe.  

Slow and steady does it on steep snow fields, and thats what we needed for Mt Adams.

At 12,281' elevation (3,743m) Mt Adams is the second highest mountain in the State of Washington. On a clear summer day it’s not a particularly technical climb, but it is physically grueling, and mentally wearing. It’s primary feature is a series of steep, long snow fields which lead to a disappointment inducing false summit. As you crest that false summit, feeling like “Im almost there” you are confronted by a dip, and another 1000 vertical feet of climbing. I dare you to not sigh in sadness!

While the majority of climbers opt to do Mt. Adams as a two day trip, with a bivy at Lunch Counter, we decided to crank it out in one. “Light and fast” was our inspiration.